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"What is precious in the story is that, exposing the past, she is a master for the future. When the historian only reports the facts in his vain and excessive complexity, without appearing broad outline of order that was the season's own that after him would like to include/understand the mechanisms of success and failure in order to draw inspiration will no longer have any means to do so. So, what is the story? Reassemble until the causes that cause things to be thus distinguish what makes things are not as they should be and as might be expected, distinguishing the part of evil there is in the well and the well that there is no evil, that species is good or evil, and to what extent there is good or badtake into account the time, evaluate your deep trends, penetrate into the psychology of people, consider the efficacy of the action of men. The story is made to witness the action of men "
Wang Fuzhi (1619-1692)
Chinese Fhilosopher and Historian







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